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Jacqueline Dingman Photography

Jacqueline Dingman

I started taking photos after a long career of teaching piano.

Having never studied photography formally, I learned as I went along, and attended classes at Niagara and George Brown Colleges to learn the fundamentals.

Intensive study with Dance & Multi-media Toronto photographer Cylla Von Tiedemann has instilled a deep love for photographing motion. I began exploring this medium using dancers' bodies to produce images that capture feeling and the excitement of the moment.

An abiding interest in fashion led to fashion photography after studying with Struan, a "people" specialist, whose photographs of compelling beauty have been exhibited in many galleries including the prestigious Paris Photo Exhibit. As a world-class photographer for fashion advertising, Struan has been a great influence in my work.

As a portrait photographer, I have a simple goal: to beautifully portray life. I attempt to be as unique as the person I am photographing, and to have fun in the process.

Music for this website composed by Matthew Therrien (my former pupil).